DriftYard July 7th 2024!

If drifting is one of your passions, the DriftYard event in Puerto Rico is a must attend.

This post is to thank @driftyard and @driftisland staying on top of the sport and keeping it alive, bringing even more people into it. Past April 30th, the Drift Yard took place in their home track, Arecibo Motorsports and it was a blast. We have attended a lot of their Drift Yard events and I must say, if what happened las time is what it will continue to happen, Drift Yard will become, if it's not yet considered, one of the best drifting events that you can attend.

If you are looking to attend, stay tuned for the next one, it will happen on July 7th, 2024 @ Arecibo Motorsports, Arecibo Puerto Rico.

DriftYard July 7th 2024!
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